To I.M.M.E were we combine books and technology together. Creating a unique experience that uses sensory therapy to help children of all ages by using Virtual reality in a fun and new way.

Me and Imogen on our first day
Me and Imogen on our first day


Sensory light show
Sensory light show

Me and Imogen on our first day
Me and Imogen on our first day

Let me Share my Story 

Firstly Thank you for taking the time to look at our page. 

The name of the Project which has developed into a very special and unique Charity is called I.M.M.E. 

I.M.M.E is named after my daughter Imogen. Her nickname is imme and she is the one who inspired me to create what I have today to help others. So I named my charity after her so she is part in this amazing adventure and remembered. We gave it a meaning though I.M.M.E stands for; 





Our story has reached far and wide and still going strong to this day. 5 million views world wide.

What I.M.M.E dose ;

I.M.M.E combines books we make and technology together. Each page is a unique sensory driven story or a fun adventure. You read the book together creating that bonding session. Then a special coded QR  is at the bottom that we make and with one swap of your mobile device the story comes alive in virtual reality. Providing the children a special adventure we make and  produce with sensory sounds and other health and education benefits. This enables them to have a one on one in their own world creating a memory.  It helps them with sensory therapy, their own mental health, education, mobility, their own well being plus other benefits. It is easy to use and accessibility was key for us so anybody with a smart phone can use it. 

Come connect with us through our social media pages at the bottom and follow this amazing journey. 

To Be Continued 

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